Who we are

More than two decades ago, we set out to investigate the real mystery behind unwanted sludge and contamination in fuels and the link to corrosion. We began exploring alternative chemistries that would eliminate sludge while protecting the system from corrosion even in the presence of water and contamination.

Fuel Right technology extends benefits beyond the tank to filters and engine performance. Fuel resides in a complex ecosystem within the tank; eliminating contamination, water and corrosion in a fuel tank plays a significant role in how well a fuel will perform when it reaches your engine. Fuel Right ensures that you are delivering ultra clean fuel to your engine improving performance and extending engine life. 

Today, Fuel Right has representatives worldwide delivering ultra clean fuel technology to the fuel industry.

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what we do

Fuel Right is engineered to provide CLEAN, CLEAR FUEL in the tank ensuring OPTIMAL FUEL QUALITY free of sludge contamination, reduced particulate and water. The fuel tank is PROTECTED by a microscopic corrosion coating even in the presence of contamination and water. Fuel Right removes contamination throughout the fuel system resulting in EXTENDED FILTER LIFE and unrestricted fuel flow.

Fuel Right’s unique technology optimizes engine PERFORMANCE ensuring CLEAN INJECTORS, REDUCED EXHAUST EMISSIONS and IMPROVED FUEL ECONOMY.



These programs are adopted by C-Store and wholesale fuel operators who wish to provide premium fuel programs either as a brand strategy or a premium fuel program strategy.
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Fuel Right products are used to help fleets maintain clean fuel onboard, reduce emissions, improve fuel economy and reduce operating service costs.
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These markets are mutually inclusive.  We work with a number of experienced contractors who are responsible to ensure their clients maintain ultra clean fuel for stand-by emergency power systems. Fuel Right’s qualified tank cleaning contractors use Fuel Right technology to ensure that the fuel meets or exceeds the Worldwide Fuel Charter ISO 4406 18/16/13 standard.
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We package a line of our proprietary additives that are sold through various industrial retail suppliers. These products are designed to help smaller clients have access to our unique proprietary chemistry for their own applications. Included in this line up is our ProActive branded product line exclusively distributed by CADEL (UAP Napa) in Canada.

featured products


ProActive is a unique blend of powerful proprietary chemistries intended for use in middle distillate fuels (primarily diesel) in marine, automotive and agricultural applications.
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Extremely effective additive designed to clean fuel to meet or exceed Worldwide Fuel Charter ISO 4406 18/16/13 specifications.
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Fuel Right 30K is an extremely effective additive designed to dissolve and remove sludge contamination from fuel systems, break down particulate and provide a highly effective corrosion coating to hinder the formation of microbial influenced corrosion.
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  • Clean Tanks, Fuel Strainers, Fuel Lines and Filters
  • Protect Fuel System from Corrosion
  • Eliminate Strainer and Filter Plugging
  • Improve Fuel Lubricity
  • Extend Fuel Pump and Injector Life
  • Improve Lubricating Oil Life
  • Optimize Fuel Economy
  • Reduce Emissions & Carbon Build-up
  • ULSD, MGO, IFO, VLSFO, Unleaded, Bio-Fuel Blends
Customers who have adopted Fuel Right’s ultra clean fuel program have seen dramatic improvement in filter life, reduction in tank cleaning (up to 90% reduction) and have reduced overall operating costs related to tank storage management.

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The Fuel Right Dose Calculator is designed to help users determine the proper mixture ratios for treating fuels with Fuel Right additive technology. This simple calculator allows you to select preferred units of measure making it easy for the end-user to determine the proper mixture quantities based on the volume of fuel being treated.

what our clients say

“We received a bad load of diesel and almost immediately started to see filter plugging in one of our boats. As a result of this we were changing filters every 24 hours. Shortly after treating the tank with Fuel Right® the problem disappeared and things were back to normal. Dries, had you not walked into my office that day and introduced me to Fuel Right® my next step would have been to dispose of the fuel and clean tanks, you saved me thousands of dollars!”

~Vincent Borello, Moran Towing Company