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How does Fuel Right work?

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Clean, Clear Fuel
Exceed ISO 4406 18/16/13
Control Water < 200 ppm
Protect System from Corrosion

Clean Filters
Improved Fuel Flow
Reduced Filter Demand
Optimize Injector Performance
Improve Injector Life
Optimize Fuel Economy
Reduce Emissions
Reduce Carbon Build Up
Fuel Right Droplet Cleans Tanks, Fuel Strainers, Fuel Lines and Filters
Fuel Right Bottles
Fuel Right Droplet Deposits microscopic corrosion coating that protects tanks, filters, fuel lines
Fuel Right Droplet Improves Fuel Lubricity
Fuel Right Droplet Reduces exhaust emissions - gases and particulates
Fuel Right Droplet Optimizes Fuel Economy
Fuel Right Droplet Extends Fuel Pump and Injector Life
Fuel Right Droplet Reduces fuel particulate count ISO 4406 18/16/13
Fuel Right Droplet Suitable for diesel, bio-diesel, marine fuels (VLSFO, IFO, MGO, MDO)
Fuel Right Droplet Warranty Safe for All Diesel Engines
Fuel Right Droplet EPA Registered

Customers who have adopted Fuel Right's Ultra Clean Fuel Program have seen dramatic improvement in filter life, reduction in tank cleaning (up to 90%) and have reduced overall operating costs related to tank storage management.

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