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The conventional fuel additive industry has evolved over many generations however, the focus remains limited to engine performance. Typical features of most conventional fuel additives includes cetane boost, fuel lubricity enhancement, corrosion inhibitors and oxidation stabilizers.

While these features are attractive to any company operating diesel equipment and in fairness offers some level of improved fuel economy and performance. Unfortunately, consumers are confused by the hype and the hundreds of different brands that are out there. What does a consumer select as there are many different brands and a very generic message presented on every package?

More informed consumers are aware that diesel fuel, while it has its advantages, also has is achilles heel - water! Many have experienced fouled filters, degraded fuel that has been sitting in storage for sometime, a standby generator that will not start or engine shut down due to fouled fuel strainers, fuel lines and filters. In these cases, many have used biocides to help correct the problem without a full understanding of how to properly deploy the use of biocides.

A surge in "fuel polishing" has received a lot of hype; this is simply the filtering and removal of heavy contaminants from fuel. Unfortunately, this may be good money spent on a very temporary solution. Fuel Polishing does not remove the conditioning/biofilm that is lining the tank and once the fuel is re-introduced to the tank, the process of microbial biomass development starts all over again. In some cases, it can bloom immediately given the right conditions.

This final consideration that most are unaware of is the phenomena known to corrosion engineers as MIC or microbially influenced corrosion. This topic has been researched extensively and is a well known problem in aqueous and petroluem based storage systems. An interesting note is that filming amines have been used in the water treatment industry for decades to help prevent MIC - hmmm??? why not the Fuel Industry?

Why Fuel Right?

Fuel Right does not deploy conventional fuel additive ideology. In the mid 90's, a great deal of research was done on the use of amines as fuel additives. They had many functions including lubricity improver, stabilizer, enhanced fuel atomization, surfactant (detergency properties) and more. These studies typically looked at single amine chemistries to assess their use in fuel.

Bob Tatnall set out to accomplish one thing - to eliminate the microbial issues related to sludge in diesel fuel and home heating systems. His 30 years at DuPont studying materials, corrosion and MIC was the foundation on which he began to research a solution to the problem. 19 years later, Fuel Right has evolved to become a technical leader in solving a problem that is now becoming more apparent with the shift to ULSD.

Bob experimented with hundred of amines and figured out how to "dissolve" the problem. That's not all, the combined research of amines as a fuel additive has resulted in an additive technology that holistically manages the fuel storage and supply, delivery through strainers, fuel lines and filters and enhances engine performances far superior to any conventional additive or biocide.

Features & Benefits
Fuel Right droplet Dissolves, Disperses & Prevents Bacterial Contamination from clogging fuel lines, filters and strainers
Fuel Right droplet More Effective than Biocides or Conventional Fuel Additives - We have Test Data to Prove it!
Fuel Right droplet Cleans Tanks, Fuel Lines, Filters and Strainers
Fuel Right droplet Improves Fuel Economy
Fuel Right droplet Reduces Exhaust Particulate
Fuel Right droplet Restores Fuel Lubricity and Stabilizes Fuel in Storage
Fuel Right droplet Provides a Microscopic Corrosion Coating to Help Prevent MIC Corrosion
Fuel Right droplet Warranty Safe for all Diesel Engines
Fuel Right droplet EPA Registered
Fuel Right droplet Suitable for use in Diesel, Bio-Diesel and Marine Gas Oil

Along with Brookhaven National Laboratory, these tests were developed by Bob Tatnall to determine the effectiveness of fuel additives and intended to rank their relative ability to control sludge growth, keep metal surfaces clean and to protect steel tanks against corrosion in the presence of water and biological contamination.

See the results for yourself.

Fuel Right is now being used by major ferry corporations, workboat companies, mining companies, heavy trucking, standby generators in the communications sector (cell towers), recreational marine, fuel wholesale and as a premium additive in diesel fuel at gas stations internationally. We are currently operating in 10 countries and our presence is growing rapidly.

We are now embarking on our next chapter of engine performance research which includes a very detailed examination of ignition, combustion, emission, power and torque in the next generation of diesel engines on the market. Stay tuned as we expect to publish this data by fall of 2014 and we expect this to be a serious game changer.

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