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How does Fuel Right work?

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Premature injector failure?

Reduced injection pump life?

Fuel Right® will reduce your operating and service costs as well as allow you to achieve optimal fuel economy. Fuel filter costs decline by reducing the number of filter changes required through extended filter life and reduction of unscheduled breakdowns due to sludge issues.

Cleaner fuel systems result in cleaner injectors and better fuel atomization which leads to optimal fuel economy.

Our Winter Diesel Blend combines the performance of Fuel Right along with enhanced properties that protect from gelling and waxing issues. We can provide you with a bulk treat program that makes sense and saves you money!

CHECK Dissolves sludge and prevents further growth
CHECK Eliminates filter plugging
CHECK Protects tank linings from corrosion
CHECK Keeps fuel system clean
CHECK Reduces fuel filter costs
CHECK Reduces smoking
CHECK Reduces fuel system wear
CHECK Improves fuel lubricity
CHECK Protects against fuel line freeze-ups
CHECKULSD (ultra low sulfur diesel)
CHECK Biodiesel
Suitable for use in the following;
CHECKTractor Trailers
CHECK Transit Buses
CHECK Municipal Service Equipment
CHECK Snow Ploughs
CHECK and more...

Clean injectors, filters, fuel lines and tank results in optimal fuel economy, reduced downtime (that's productivity improvement), less smoking from the exhaust and easier starting. New ULSD (ultra low sulfur diesel) also has reduced lubricity which can increase engine wear. Fuel Right® improves lubricity and enhances the life of all fuel system components.

Sludge is a microbiology phenomena and only Fuel Right® has the right combination of ingredients to deal with sludge, corrosion and fuel line freeze-ups superior to all other products in the market.  We have the research and proof to show you.  No longer are you required to buy two or three different fuel additives to fix your fuel issues.  Fuel Right® is the single RIGHT Prescription for your fuel system!

Developed over the past two decades, Fuel Right® chemistry is unique to the fuel additive industry.  Fuel Right® chemistry uses a powerful combination of filming amines to slowly dissolve existing sludge, prevent growth and build-up of new sludge and protect tanks and fuel system components against corrosion even in presence of free water and remaining old sludge.  Fuel Right® also improves lubricity thus extending the life of injection pumps and other high wear fuel components.  Fuel Right® contains glycol ether which also protects against fuel line freeze ups in cold climates.


"prior to Spring of 2010, we always stopped treating our diesel with Fuel Right® when winter ended. Then after a tour of the Fuel Right® plant, I realized all that Fuel Right® could do to benefit our diesel customers so I decided to treat every drop of fuel that we sold. The result of this decision is that our fleet customers have consistently commented to me that their drivers are pleased with both the improved performance of their engines as well as the improved fuel economy which I understand in a function of operating with cleaner injectors"

Mike Hinds, Owner
Hinds Oil Company, Montrose, Pennsylvania

"I can testify that since I started with Fuel Right®, we have reached our 20,000 mile fuel filter change interval on all 10 trucks. We were having problems with 4 trucks prior to using Fuel Right®. I have not had extended fuel filter life as a goal, my objective is 100% dependability. Since we have started with Fuel Right®, we have not had to do an unscheduled filter change."

Atlantic Bulk


Fuel Right Marine Data Sheet Download our Fuel Right® Performance brochure
Fuel Right Marine Data Sheet Download our Fuel Right® 15K data sheet for your review.
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