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Home heating oil is prone to neglect by the average home owner. Long-term storage of fuel results in the break-down (oxidation) of the fuel and the proliferation of microbial growth inside the fuel tank. This microbial contamination (sludge) results in premature clogging of filters and strainers and furnace shut-down just when you need it the most.

Outdoor fuel tanks are more prone as they are exposed to thermal cycling (heating and cooling) and the vent tubes allow the introduction of moisture and bacteria.

Steel tanks with sludge contamination are also prone to microbially influenced corrosion. This MIC can managed by eliminating the bacterial growth inside a fuel tank or through the use of corrosion coatings. Fuel Right contains a filming amine that leaves behind a microscopic corrosion coating that helps to protect the tank from microbially influenced corrosion.

Fuel Right slowly disperses the slime that holds these bacterial colonies together allowing it to be dissolved into the fuel and passed downstream to be burned off harmlessly. The remaining microscopic filming amine coating hinders the establishment of new biofilms hindering the development of sludge colonies.


Features & Benefits
Fuel Right droplet Dissolves, Disperses & Prevents Bacterial Contamination from clogging fuel lines, filters and strainers
Fuel Right droplet More Effective than Biocides or Conventional Fuel Additives - We have Test Data to Prove it!
Fuel Right droplet Cleans Tanks, Fuel Lines, Filters and Strainers
Fuel Right droplet Restores Fuel Lubricity and Stabilizes Fuel in Storage
Fuel Right droplet Provides a Microscopic Corrosion Coating to Help Prevent MIC Corrosion
Fuel Right droplet EPA Registered
Fuel Right droplet Suitable for use in Diesel, Bio-Diesel and Home Heating Oil

steel heating oil tank corroded heating oil tank Microbially influenced corrosion fibreglass oil tank
New install
Corroded tank
evidence of MIC - microbially influenced corrosion
New fibreglass tank - still prone to microbial growth (sludge)
Home heating oil filters
biocide test
Hot test data
This heating oil system was severely contaminated with sludge. The technician removed the contaminated filter on the right and replaced it with a clean filter and a Fuel Right shock treatment. A year later, the filter on the left was removed from the same heating oil system. Fuel Right cleaned up the sludge problem. We constantly test heat oil additives to determine their efficacy to prevent the formation of sludge and to prevent corrosion. We have tested hundreds of products that make the same claims as Fuel Right. We are yet to find a product as versatile and as effective as Fuel Right.
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