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How does Fuel Right work?

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Stand-By Generator

Auxiliary generation stations typically are on stand-by for emergency use when there are power outages. These units can sit idle and are often scheduled for routine checks such as idle operation or pre-determined scheduled maintenance.

Often overlooked is the fuel quality. Idle conditions are ideal for the growth of sludge in the fuel tanks of these systems. Sludge can affect the readiness of any unit and result in an unscheduled shut-down when the unit is most needed.

In colder climates, fuel line freezing can also affect unit readiness.

Fuel Right® is an ideal prescription to alleviate these potential issues. Diesel fuel treated with Fuel Right® will eliminate sludge problems, potential filter plugging and fuel line freezing.

A clean and clear fuel system is peace of mind for the owner/operator and improves the readiness of any generating unit large or small.

Tank Cleaning Services
Standby generators require clean, clear, quality fuel on demand when its least expected. Whether its a unexpected power outage or simply the supply of power when its needed, contaminated fuel will result in shut-down or a no-start condition when it's most needed. Fuel Right works with a number of tank cleaning companies to help ensure that your fuel is clean and meets or exceeds the required regulatory standards. Together we have ensured the fuel in tanks supplying hospitals, universities, residential & commercial buildings, critical data centers and others maintain quality fuel that meets their needs when they need it the most.

Weeden Clean Fuel Services
Dan Weeden
(289) 600-7540
Toronto, Ontario

Optimized Fuel Solutions
Darrel Cryderman
(705) 867-0705
Sudbury, Ontario

Filtre Saglac
Serge Lalancette
(418) 544-6871
La Baie, Quebec
Prime Fuel Polish
Darren Manns
(519) 333-7808
Sarnia, Ontario

Unique Diesel Solutions
Robert Lemoine
(506) 233-3835
Moncton, NB


Features & Benefits
Fuel Right droplet Dissolves, Disperses & Prevents Bacterial Contamination from clogging fuel lines, filters and strainers
Fuel Right droplet More Effective than Biocides or Conventional Fuel Additives - We have Test Data to Prove it!
Fuel Right droplet Cleans Tanks, Fuel Lines, Filters and Strainers
Fuel Right droplet Improves Fuel Economy
Fuel Right droplet Reduces Exhaust Particulate
Fuel Right droplet Restores Fuel Lubricity and Stabilizes Fuel in Storage
Fuel Right droplet Provides a Microscopic Corrosion Coating to Help Prevent MIC Corrosion
Fuel Right droplet Warranty Safe for all Diesel Engines
Fuel Right droplet EPA Registered
Fuel Right droplet Suitable for use in Diesel, Bio-Diesel and Marine Gas Oil

The sample below was treated with a few drops of Fuel Right and allowed to sit for 3 days. Fuel Right has started the process of clarifying the fuel and "pushing" the sludge to the bottom of the jar. Over time, Fuel Right will slowly dissolve the remaining sludge in the jar. Treating stand-by generator tanks with Fuel Right is added insurance that the fuel will be ready for use when the generator is most needed.
Fuel Sample Before Fuel Right Fuel Sample after Fuel Right
Before Treatment
3 days after Treatment

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