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Our unique Fuel Right® chemistry has NEVER failed our customers. Over the past 15 years, and more than 5 billion litres treated, many significant, vexing problems have been resolved. A summary from diverse applications is provided below – we welcome the opportunity to share additional “success” stories with you!

Diesel Fuel
fouled fuel filters A fuel dealer was having to replace filters for a boiler system using ULSD every month to prevent the customer's filters from fouling. Fuel Right was introduced to the system with each fill of the customer's tank. After four tank fills with Fuel Right treatment, the filters were showing a reduced level of fouling with each treatment. These filters were weighed and showed a progressive decrease in weight (from left to right) due to the reduction in biofilm on the filter. The fourth filter was still suitable for service. Fuel Right resolved the fouling issue with four bulk treatments of the fuel system.

“prior to Spring of 2010 we always stopped treating our diesel with Fuel Right® when winter ended. Then, after a tour of the Fuel Right® plant, I realized all that Fuel Right® could do to benefit our diesel customers so I decided to treat every drop of fuel that we sold. The result of this decision is that our fleet customers have consistently commented to me that their drivers are pleased with both the improved performance of their engines as well as with the improved fuel economy which I understand is a function of operating with cleaner injectors".

Mike Hinds, owner of Hinds Oil Company, Montrose Pennsylvania

“We received a bad load of diesel and almost immediately started to see filter plugging in one of our boats. As a result of this we were changing filters every 24 hours. Shortly after treating the tank with Fuel Right® the problem disappeared and things were back to normal. Dries, had you not walked into my office that day and introduced me to Fuel Right® my next step would have been to dispose of the fuel and clean tanks, you saved me thousands of dollars”!

Vincent Borello, Moran Towing Company

"Late last year I received some badly contaminated fuel. As a result my boat had to be towed. To clean the 2500 gallon tank I used a vacuum truck after which we power sprayed the tank. Having done all of this, the lines were still clogged and the fuel looked like Pepto Bismol. With one shock treatment of Fuel Right® the lines cleared and we were good to go. Now we treat every other fill-up with Fuel Right®, and we have not had a single problem in the past four months".

Leo Bickham, Owner, Leo’s Boats

"I was not a believer in products like Fuel Right®. I am NOW! Weeks will be re-powering 4 tugs starting in June and I am making Fuel Right® part of our diet when completed”.

Ed Hermann, Port Engineer, Weeks Marine

“In August 2008 we began treating the fuel in the Meredith with Fuel Right® and two months later we began treating the fuel in the Christian. Prior to the treatment both vessels were experiencing persistent issues caused by fouled fuel filters. Thanks to the Fuel Right® treatment we quickly eliminated the need to change our fuel filters every ten to twelve hours and the next interval was about five hundred hours. Then, in May 2010 both vessels were placed in dry dock for routine maintenance. When I inspected the fuel tanks I was pleasantly surprised to see that neither the walls nor the floors of the tanks were covered with sludge”.
Charles Crawford, Port Engineer, Reinhauer Transportation

“I meticulously maintain my diesel truck fleet so that these trucks are always able to refuel ships along the entire East Coast; this includes changing filters every 20,000 miles instead of the manufacturer recommended 30,000 mile intervals. When I was first introduced to Fuel Right® I scoffed at the idea that sludge could be a problem. Unfortunately, almost immediately, one of my trucks stalled on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Bob Tatnall (at Fuel Right) asked me to hold on to the filter and send it to him for analysis. When it was cut open, to my surprise, it was clogged with thick black sludge. Since then, Fuel Right® has become our standard treatment and we have had no stalling problems”.

Smitty, Atlantic Bulk Carriers, Middletown, DE

Storage Tanks
“My manufacturing plant is located in central Maine and our 10,000 gallon fuel tank is located outside the building. For years we used straight kerosene to heat the facility. In 2008 our fuel supplier told us about Fuel Right®'s Bulk Winter Diesel., In order to save money we decided to make the switch from kerosene to less expensive heating oil blended with Fuel Right® Winter Diesel. Fortunately, we have experienced very good results with the Fuel Right® treatment these past three winters one of which {2009} was quite severe. I am also pleased with the cost savings that we have experienced".

Jim Dingus, Pallet One, Livermore Falls, ME

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires tank inspections every five (5) years. Treatment with Fuel Right® was started on a 20,000 gallon Mack Oil tank in Parksburg, PA; seven (7) months later the tank was inspected. Mack Oil was prepared to do the usual week-long cleaning, using 2 persons in environmental protective clothing. When the tank was opened, no trace of sludge was found and the cleanup consisted of mopping up a water puddle.

Bill Engle, Service Mgr., Berwyn, Coatesville, Parksburg, PA

Heating Oil

“Mack Oil has bulk-treated all heating oil since 1996. By 2000 have virtually eliminated sludge-related service calls. By 2002 reduced, by attrition, size of service staff by half with same number of customers. Filter/strainer photos show what we now expect from customers' systems versus new accounts that have not been treated with Fuel Right®”.

Bill Engle, Service Mgr., Berwyn, Coatesville, Parksburg, PA

“We have treated with Fuel Right® for four years. Started first year with 50 customers – service problems were eliminated; all customers treated since then with Fuel Right® and service issues have been eliminated”.

Ken Reardon, Owner, Ken’s Oil Service, Danvers. MA

“ We have used Fuel Right® and Cold Flow products for more than 14 years and have maintained consistent positive results.  I would recommend Fuel Right to anyone in our business.”

Gary Steer, Service Manager
Fredericks Fuel
Oakridge, NJ

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