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How does Fuel Right work?

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Fuel Right 15K is our core product designed to handle fuel applications in both cold and warm weather climates. Fuel Right 15K contains a fuel line anti-freeze to help prevent fuel line freeze-ups during cold weather months. 15K has been continuously improved over the past 18 years and is utilized in all industries.

Treatment Ratio: 1:15,000

Packaging Available includes the following;

177ml x 24 per case - each bottle treats 2,655 litres
1.89L x 6 per case - each bottle treats 28,350 litres
18.9L pail - each pail treats 283,500 litres
208L drum - each drum treats 3,120,000 litres

15K packaging
PDF icon Download the 15K data sheet

Fuel Right 30K is our concentrated version of Fuel Right. This product is specifically designed for warmer weather cliamtes and for large bulk applications where the client is treating large volumes of fuel. 30K does not contain fuel line anti-freeze.

Treatment Ratio 1:30,000

Packaging Available includes the following;

18.9L Pail - each pail treats 567,000 litres
208L Drums - each drum treats 6,240,000 litres
PDF icon Download the 30K data sheet


Fuel Right 2.8K is our winterizing technology that includes the unique chemistry of our other products however, it has been formulated to include winterizing features such as anti-waxing and gelling.

Treatment Ratio 1:2800

Packaging available includes the following;

208L Drums - each drum treats 582,400 litres

*other packaging may be available upon request

PDF icon Download the 2.8K data sheet

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Laboratory Testing

We offer laboratory testing services to our clients to help them identify fuel issues that they may be dealing with. Our lab in Wilmington, Delaware is fully equiped with the analytical equipment to evaluate your fuel sample. Please contact us for more details.

If you wish to compare your existing fuel treatment product with Fuel Right, we would be happy to perform the 18 month test in our lab and provide a full report once the analysis is complete.

Please email us for further information on our services.


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