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Got the Bug?
All diesel fuel systems contain some degree of bacterial activity. Typically, an operator of a marine vessel uses the glass bowls of the filter system to detect contamination. Unfortunately, when you reach this point in detection, you already have serious contamination residing in your tank.

Despite all the potential issues with the presence of sludge, effective treatment is rarely deployed. The presence of sludge in a fuel system can lead to corrosion, filter plugging and potentially injector failure.

Treatment and control is managed with the use of biocides and frequent filter changes to keep a vessel operating. Biocides alone are rarely effective against established bacterial sludge as they struggle to penetrate the biomass to directly contact the bacteria to kill them. Fuel Polishing is an expensive and inneffective way to eliminate bacteria contamination in fuel.

Sailboat Fuel Sample

Fuel Right's unique chemistry was developed over the past 18 years with extensive research to understand how bacterial colonies are formed and how they may be dispersed and to eliminate them from forming biomass in diesel fuel. Fuel Right treatment will breakdown the slime that holds the bacterial colonies together and disperse it back into the fuel allowing it to be burned off.

Fuel Right has been put to the test in billions of litres of fuel and has always been successful in eliminating filter plugging, stopping corrosion and enhancing the operating condition of the vessels treated with Fuel Right.

Fuel Right has extensive experience with large ferry corporations, workboat companies, fisheries and recreational craft. We have established a solid reputation with many marine companies. Ask us for our references, we will be happy to share them with you.

Features & Benefits
Fuel Right droplet Dissolves, Disperses & Prevents Bacterial Contamination from clogging fuel lines, filters and strainers
Fuel Right droplet More Effective than Biocides or Conventional Fuel Additives - We have Test Data to Prove it!
Fuel Right droplet Cleans Tanks, Fuel Lines, Filters and Strainers
Fuel Right droplet Improves Fuel Economy
Fuel Right droplet Reduces Exhaust Particulate
Fuel Right droplet Restores Fuel Lubricity and Stabilizes Fuel in Storage
Fuel Right droplet Provides a Microscopic Corrosion Coating to Help Prevent MIC Corrosion
Fuel Right droplet Warranty Safe for all Diesel Engines
Fuel Right droplet EPA Registered
Fuel Right droplet Suitable for use in Diesel, Bio-Diesel and Marine Gas Oil

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