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How does Fuel Right work?

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Fuel Right is a very effective technology to help maintain fuel standards meeting or exceeding Worldwide Fuel Charter ISO 4406 fuel standards endorsed by engine manufacturers globally. Fuel Right is used in premium fuel programs where main fuel storage is treated with Fuel Right with each delivery from terminal storage. Field testing has demonstrated that Fuel Right has the ability to push water out of fuel, control microbial contamination and break down particulates in suspension.

Field testing using the Particle Pal laser particulate counter, has validated that Fuel Right enhances fuel quality. Field testing based on ISO4406, has shown particluate counts as low as 14/12/9. ISO 4406 standard is 18/16/13. What does this mean?

In basic terms, the worldwide fuel charter limits is 1300-2500 particles per ml of fuel based on 4 micron or smaller. A result of 14 is in the range of 80-150 particles per ml of fuel 4 microns or smaller. This is a factor of 16x cleaner than the Worldwide Fuel Charter. A cleaner fuel stores longer and more importantly, extends the life of engine components by reduced engine fuel system component wear.

Another key factor that is affecting the industry, is the increase in corrosion issues since the introduction of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuels. With ULSD, microbial contamination and microbial influenced corrosion is affecting fuel distribution infrastructure globally. Fuel Right is not a biocide however, it plays a significant role by impeding the formation of biofilms which are instrumental in the development of anodic corrosion sites known as MIC. Fuel Right also deposits a microscopic corrosion coating which hinders corrosion protecting your assets from premature tank failure.

When properly deployed, a Fuel Right program can reduce your fuel system maintenance costs and in the case where your operation can implement a premium fuel program, Fuel Right can enhance your bottom line significantly.

Fuel Right is being used in premium programs today.

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